Babylon Fish Farm

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We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking sagar aerators from India. These are a higher quality than the Chinese equivalent and very affordable. These units are also very simple to build and deliver 1hp of aeration using just 750w of power. We have used these aerators around the farm for the last two years and have found a production increase of 30%. How this equates to a fishery ? The fish are feeding harder and therefore weights are higher simple !

We are also now using and selling an oxygen monitoring system. This system monitors the oxygen of your pond every 15 minutes, and has a function to turn on and off the aerator at a preset level. This is extremely useful to save on electricity, only aerate when you need to ! The system can be linked to your existing aeration system or used with the sagar aerators. It only needs to prevent one fish kill to pay for itself !


Aerators 1hp single phase £570.00 plus vat
Oxygen Monitor with aerator switch £500.00 plus vat
Combo deal aerator + o2 switch £1000.00 plus vat