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Bio Security

Bio-security literally means safe life. It involves taking steps to ensure that good hygiene practices are in place to prevent the spread of disease. It also helps to improve farm efficiency and protects neighbouring farms and the countryside from the spread of diseases.

Bio-security is necessary at all levels within the aquaculture industry, from control of the spread of infectious diseases at an international level as well as at local levels. The key elements of bio-security include; practical and appropriate legislative controls, diagnostic and detection methods of infectious diseases, disinfection and pathogen eradication methods, reliable high quality sources of stock; and best management practices.

The Aquatic Animal Health (England & Wales) Regulations 2009 recognises the importance of effective bio-security measures in restricting the spread of disease.

We take bio-security very seriously at Babylon Fish Farm and as a result our fish stocks are of the highest quality.

Bio-security Manager

Jason Dorkings A/N EW054-B-991A
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