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F1 Ghost Carp

We have been working on the f1 ghost project for three years now and this year we are preparing to sell this new fish to commercial angling waters around the UK.
You will not be able to get this fish from any other source as the breed is a very closely guarded secret.
We set out developing the f1 ghost because anglers feedback was that although they like the f1 (original) as it feeds well in the winter, they found that the lack of differences between the fish was a bit boring!
Match fishing is not all about bagging up all day, most anglers appreciate the individual fish as it is caught.

So what we have ended up with is an f1 that some are common scaled some are mirror scaled and out of the mirror scaled fish most are either linear or fully scaled mirrors. Some also have the ghost carp scull pattern on the head, this fish is also resistant to carp diseases like the f1 but we believe it will fight harder like a ghost carp!! We have never seen fish feeding so heavily under feeders as the f1 ghost have.
We have approximately 400,000 of these fish at 6" long to be grown on this summer and we have invested heavily into high protein low oil fish feed to get them up to the 1lb mark by the end of this summer.

We have at present taken tons of pre orders but there are still some left for sale this year please call and get your order on the list for delivery from October onwards.
The starting price of these fish as they are new is 6.00 per lb for mixed sizes from 8"-2lb however we would offer discounts for quantities.

The photo on the right shows the f1 ghost feeding they are more veracious than any other fish we have farmed in the past even the f1 !

F1 Carp

  • 8"-1lb £6.00 per lb