Babylon Fish Farm

Babylon Lane, Hawkenbury, Kent, TN12 0EG - Phone : 07739030748 or 07709433667


At Babylon fish farm we are one of only a few sites in the country that breed and grow our own stock fish. We spawn artificially and raid the small fry in our own hatchery before transferring to stock ponds for on growing

We use a very high quality feed that insures that the fish you buy are in the best condition possible when you receive your order, in fact it has been know that the fish we deliver to have been caught only a few minutes after the introduction!! That shows the small amount of stress put on the fish during transport.

We move out stock fish in a purpose built trailer with plastic insulated tanks to insure the correct temperature. At the right time of you depending on species we can move tons of fish from Kent to lands end and john o'groats!!!! With only a small delivery charge to help with the diesel costs.


Bio-security literally means safe life. It involves taking steps to ensure that good hygiene practices are in place to prevent the spread of disease. It also helps to improve farm efficiency and protects neighbouring farms and the countryside from the spread of diseases..more...

Electro Fishing And Netting

We have invested into a few hundred meters of seine nets and the latest electro fishing equipment from Electro fish to offer a service to our fishery customers from a simple survey to stock check or removal of unwanted fish..more...

Weed Control and Water Quality

Get in touch with us about weed control, We have many solutions to improve your water quality. Water quality is esential the keep your fish in good condition all year round. We dont just opt for the chemical solution, the first thing we do is test the water to advise you on the best solution. Depending on the size of the body of water we can supply you with a estimate for any work we carry out.